Welcome to DoIT Identity Management (DIM). DIM is a self-service account management system that allows users to create an ID and/or reset their Active Directory or Mainframe RACF account password.

Note:This system is intended for personal user accounts only. Technician and Administrative accounts should not be registered.

Identity Management Options

  • Configure Password Reset Options Account Recovery Options
    Used to configure or change your password reset options. You will not be able to take advantage of self service password resets until these options are set.
  • Reset your Password or Unlock your Account Reset your Password or Unlock your Account
    Used if you forgot your password, or need to unlock your account, and have already configured your password reset options.
  • Create Account Create Account
    If you do not already have an Account that is trusted by our systems, you can use this feature to create one for you.
  • Identity Management FAQ Identity Management FAQ
    Before calling for support, check out our Identity Management Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common problems.